Open Source GIS artisans at your service


We are GIS specialists using the best open source geospatial tools in the business. For us, solving geospatial problems is our passion. Our skilled team of GIS artisans offer highly specialized expertise and consultations on geographical information systems.


Our GIS alchemists a.k.a. the developers are keen in developing new open source tools. The solutions they offer transform ordinary separate tools into gold-worthy geographical information systems. Carefully refining they create products with origins that can always be traced and further processed without license fees.


You can become a GIS artisan, too! If you want to improve your skills, you can sign up to our training courses on QGIS, PostGIS and GeoServer. We help you to get to know the best practices and tips on creating beautiful maps and organizing & publishing your geospatial data.


We want to offer all GIS artisans out there an easy way to ask for help. We know our way around the FOSS4G tools and want to share our knowledge. Bring your cryptic questions and puzzling errors to our support service and we will help you out!